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Find your dream home. Sell your prized property. Make your money grow. Christian Swann is as astute professional who will advise and cater to your individual needs. 

 Known for her ability to successfully work with both buyers and sellers, Christian has adapted to recent changes in the Metro Atlanta real estate market to create stellar deals for her clients. As evidence of her recent success.

 Christian, having lived in the Atlanta and Tampa area for most of her life has established an extensive network of contacts that her clients find invaluable in their real estate transactions. 

 The genius of investing is in recognizing market trends. Christian draws on her previous work experience as both an investor and anti-terrorist officer to advise clients on Atlanta market conditions and the investment potential of specific neighborhoods and properties. Christian's market knowledge, financial expertise, and diligence in researching properties has been praised by her clientele.

 After living and playing around the world, Christian has gained a multicultural appreciation that allows her to efficiently communicate with a broad spectrum of clients from a variety of cultures. Christian’s sense of diplomacy, integrity, discretion and outstanding dedication to personalized service have earned her high praise among a wide variety of customers from diverse backgrounds in the United States and internationally. 

 Outside of work, Christian trains military and law enforcement domestic terrorism training and edged and blunt tool instruction. She has instructed Naval Seals,FBI, ATF, Air Marshals and Law Enforcement all over the country. Christian resides with her husband, daughter and their standard poodles.

 Whether you are a first time seller, a novice buyer or a seasoned multiple-dwelling owner of multi-million dollar homes, contact Christian Swann – the only resource you will need to guide you towards informed, intelligent real estate decisions.

 Given her notable organizational and leadership skills amidst diverse environments, Christian arrives as a specialist capable of identifying and facilitating acquisitions of moderate to high-end properties.



  Top Sales Person of the Year, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009,2010

Martial Arts Hall Of Fame, Tactical Instructor Of The Year 2009, 2012

Senior Instructor Of The Year 2009, 2010, 2011


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